Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deep and Wide

So, as I'm sure most of the folks living in Georgia heard about the crazy storms that went through yesterday and hit Canton about a million times. You might not know about our very own wading pool we got blessed with. So let me enlighten you. We came home after the news made it seem as though the city of Canton had been wiped off the map, to find sunny skies, a river running throught our yard/driveway, and a wading pool in the basement. Luckily the house was still standing with no real damage and rock band (which all of you will be glad to know) is okay. The box, however, did not have the same fate. May it rest in peace in the local landfill. So, we're just about tired of having water flowing, abundantly I might add, through our yard and seeping into the garage. We pondered for a moment about what to do since sweeping the water out was clearly not working. The water was coming in faster than we could get it out. Chris, my genius of a husband, decided to build a trench in the front yard, which I'm sure the neighborhood kids will be trying to catch crawfish in it in just a few days. The purpose of the trench you ask. Well, to take the water away from the house of course. It took the water away alright.

The basement is now, for the most part, dry. In the end we're left with an empty trench in the front yard (surely this is a safety hazard), a basement that will still leak, mud across our driveway, and a blog-worthy moment (at least I think so). So, if anyone wants to come fix our problem because you just feel like it, come on over. If you just feel like coming over that's fine too but watch your step, the trench is deep!

God's promise that He won't flood the earth again. He never said anything about my basement!

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Kelli said...

This was great!!! I loved how you wrote it!!! SO fun! Great picture of the rainbow

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