Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This blog will not suck, this blog will not suck, this...

I have this fear that my bloggin skills will not meet the level of talent some of the others in my family have. I am so nervous right now, it's not even funny. If it seems this blog is jumping from topic to topic, its because I am "earling"** my guts out from nerves.

Let me start off with an explination:
1. This blogging junk doesn't have spell check, or the little green swiggly that informs you the sentence you just typed makes no sence.
2. I am not the worlds best speller, or am I very articulate.
3. Puncuation is not my forte
4. I start off rather strong, but get very lazy at the end and stop capitalizing things.
<'}}}}>< -- -

Above is a swimming fish. I think its cute and hate you all for not thinking so.

I am a firefighter^^ in cherokeee county. Its a booming county. (if you speak spanish, or want to buy a home for 34billion dollars.) Its the first job that I enjoy waking up for. I work 24 hours on, and then have 48 hours off. Thats a pretty common schedule for this type of job. Its actually called the "kelly schedule". That might be a triva question somewhere one day. If it is, you owe me. I am in paramedic school where i am learning different ways to not kill people. I say it this way because its true. We learn things to keep you alive, and not kill you. It is rather informitive. My life consists of work, drug cards, few moments with my beautiful, and sleep.

I have no hobbies... that sounds depressing doesn't it? I enjoy many things, but just have no time, money, or equipment to do those things. If the world was perfect and I had all the money in it, here is what I would do;
-I am addicted to tattoos. If I could sit in a chair all day and have someone stick me with a needle over and over again I would. Its not the pain I am into really, its the smell. Its hard to explain and trying to makes me sound a little psyco.
-I wish I had a mountain bike. I love to be aggressive off-road. I still think I am a 17 year old kid. I am pushing 30. I break now.
-I am still a huge fan of rock climbing. I wish I still lived in the mountains. When I was there, I was on a rockface 3 days out of the week. I looked great.
-I like photography. It runs in my family. I have two uncles who are very talented photographers and artists.
-I want to be a cage fighter. really, i just want intro music. I want to walk in a room with loud music, pyrotechnics, and guys pushing people out of the way.
-I say it all the time, but I kinda want to hit something in the face with a shovel. I think it would make a pretty funny noise.
hmmm... those last two things make me seem really violent. I weight 140lbs. I don't do violent.
-I want to jump out of planes. Not tandom, thats not as fun. Solo.

Thats about all the nonsence I can come up with about me for now.

My Blogs.
My blogs are going to consist of the "lighter side" of Emergency Medical Services (refered to as EMS from now on) and things I think are funny.
Love you guys, and hope you have not pulled your eyeballs from your head and put them in the toaster, thats gonna make it hard to read the rest of my rants.

** "earling"- The word Puke is a fopa.

^^ "firefighter" - a word often used to describe a professional video game player.

PS- this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The picture that I never posted...

Here are the pictures from making the frog cake that I promised I would put up and never did...

I got a turkey...twice

So, not too long ago Christopher and I went to Nashville to visit some friends and decided to go bowling at the local hot spot. I've always enjoyed bowling but have never been extremely good at it; although, I can hold my own! With the usual, "I'm ready to kick some booty" attitude (even though I know I will not win) we began our friendly game of bowling. Girls against boys (as if that is EVER fair). The boys quickly realized, I was in it to win it! Never in my life have I gotten three strikes in a row...until I was pregnant in Nashville!
That's right, I got a Turkey the first game. And then the second game. I was on fire. Two turkies in one day. Amazing. The old man that was bowling a few lanes down came over and talked to me about me SKILLZ!!!! He said he was in the top 7 bowlers that frequented those lanes. Might I brag for a minute and say that his score was not far off from mine! Either this baby is going to be a bowler or I've just realized what profession I should look into! (Let me explain the pictures:The bowling balls I just thought were pretty. The Turkey, well, of course that's the proof that I did get them. The old man is the one that thought I was a prodigy. And the last one is me and Christopher with our friends. Good times are always to be had in Nashville!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deep and Wide

So, as I'm sure most of the folks living in Georgia heard about the crazy storms that went through yesterday and hit Canton about a million times. You might not know about our very own wading pool we got blessed with. So let me enlighten you. We came home after the news made it seem as though the city of Canton had been wiped off the map, to find sunny skies, a river running throught our yard/driveway, and a wading pool in the basement. Luckily the house was still standing with no real damage and rock band (which all of you will be glad to know) is okay. The box, however, did not have the same fate. May it rest in peace in the local landfill. So, we're just about tired of having water flowing, abundantly I might add, through our yard and seeping into the garage. We pondered for a moment about what to do since sweeping the water out was clearly not working. The water was coming in faster than we could get it out. Chris, my genius of a husband, decided to build a trench in the front yard, which I'm sure the neighborhood kids will be trying to catch crawfish in it in just a few days. The purpose of the trench you ask. Well, to take the water away from the house of course. It took the water away alright.

The basement is now, for the most part, dry. In the end we're left with an empty trench in the front yard (surely this is a safety hazard), a basement that will still leak, mud across our driveway, and a blog-worthy moment (at least I think so). So, if anyone wants to come fix our problem because you just feel like it, come on over. If you just feel like coming over that's fine too but watch your step, the trench is deep!

God's promise that He won't flood the earth again. He never said anything about my basement!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a...

For those of you that don't know yet, we are expecting baby #2! You know what everyone does when they find out your pregnant? They quickly receive the gift of prophecy and tell you what you're going to have. "It's going to be a boy! You're already showing!," thank you for calling me a beached whale in the nicest way possible "Oh, Katie, it's going to be a girl I just know it! You've been sick and you're hair has gotten slightly darker." Well, thank you for the insight but I tried dying my hair dark and I was sick with Griffin too, and I'm pretty sure he has a wee wee so, I'm not going to trust your "prophecy" and paint the nursery yet. However, I will trust the monitor showing the somewhat shaped like a baby image. "Do you want to know what you're having?," the nurse asked Christopher and I as she put the oh so cold jelly on my belly. "Yes, we do!"

"It's a Girl!"

she said the second she saw the image, without hesitation. Wow, now that was instant results right there!!!! So, there you have it. Chris feels as though he is officially ruinned and I'm still feeling a bit vomitous with a side of heartburn. As for the name--her first name will be Taylor and the middle name is still up in the air. So you can vote if you'd like. Taylor Morgan or Taylor Madeline. Help the Hookers decide the fate of the next Hooker female.

Mommy and Grif

Mommy and Grif
At the Puerto Rican Fest!

Bath Time!

Bath Time!
Griffin Loves the bath!